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Boobs in a Box

I am sorry for neglecting my site lately.  As I look back I see that I’ve left huge gaps of my “life” that need filling in!  I’ll try to get to that soon.  In the mean time, I’ll write about my most recent inspiration for posting – Boobs in a box!

As we ventured back from viewing a free movie (movie screener), my friend, Pat, her daughter, E and I ended up on the topic of breast size.  I spoke about my recent mammograms and the fact that I had already planned to have both my breasts completely removed in the event I end up with breast cancer.  After finding out that I don’t have breast cancer after the second set of mammograms I came to the realization that I’ll be stuck with my large breasts for at least another year.  My husband is none too pleased at my decision to completely remove my breasts.  He suggests that the lowest he’d like me to go is to a B cup.  I guess I’ll have to deal with him when the day comes!    😉

My friends seem horrified at my choice to go “breastless”, so I explained to them the reasons I’d prefer to not have breasts.   I explained that it would nice to be able to go braless.  I have a lot of bounce in my top.  It is impossible for me to go anywhere without a bra and not be noticed.  It is hard to exercise –even with a bra as my breasts bounce uncontrollably.  I can’t run or do jumping jacks or any sort of “bouncy exercise”.   When my breasts bounce they do hurt and even at a walking pace they attract a lot of attention because they bounce and swing and giggle and get to where I am going at least 2 seconds before the rest of me gets there!   I’d much rather have a choice of what size boobs I have on any given day and that is possible with my “boobs in a box”.

When I married my first husband (now known as Deadbeat dad), I had far less boobage.  Recently I found the corset that I wore under my wedding dress.   To my shock, it was a size B!  After having two sons my boobs grew – and still appear to be growing.  While I was married to my ex, he and I were shopping one day and we found a store, La Vie en Rose, selling this “Breast Enhancing System” that I prefer to call “boobs in a box”.  I thought that it would be the best Christmas gift ever for all flat and small chested women.  My ex bought me a set of boobs!  These boobs look real and feel real in your bra.  They are made of some soft type of silicone and heat up to your body temp.   They even come with a built in nipple that makes them look as if they are the real deal!  These little puppies increase your bra size up to 2 cup sizes!  I’d trade my 38 DDD’s any day for a flat chest and a reason to open my boobs in a box again!  Until then, I’ll keep these safe and waiting for the day that my Boobs in a Box are back in season!

Me in 2002 with size B boobs

– pre “boobs in a box” days!

God Bless all women, small chested and large.  May we all stay cancer free and one day have a breast size that we are comfortable with.

Unfriending – And then there were 39

I felt bad about deleting VE from my friend list because I knew he had “issues” and I didn’t want to abandon him when he was in need of a real friend.   I kept checking up on him and finally after a week I added him back as a friend on Yahoo and Facebook.  That really didn’t do much for either of us.  He seems to not be able to handle the truth or any real friendship.  He doesn’t seem to have anyone that he can really connect with on a personal level, including that of his wife, Andrea.

VE and his wife, Andrea, can’t communicate at all.  Her FIX for him is to have sex – one position – wham, bam, thank you ma’am.  There… you must be fixed because you got laid.  As harsh as that sounds, that is the truth.  He can’t open up to her and in his attempts to do so she’d rather fall asleep in bed after a long nights worth of sleep rather than give him a real five minutes of time.

Did I ever say this to VE?  No, because I didn’t want to tell him that the one thing he liked in his life was just a cheap fix that any whore could have done for him.   Actually, I’ve heard that some men go to whores just to talk.  Is that true?  If so, maybe VE would have gotten more out of a whore.  It’s not like he hasn’t paid for sex a few times before!  And yes, that spoke volumes to me too.  He can’t handle a relationship so he had to pay for sex.  He can’t handle being real so if you aren’t all about fluff he can’t handle the friendship either.

I had hoped that VE would read my last post and realize he was my faker friend then step up to the plate instead of continuing to be the faker friend that he had been.  But alas, that is not going to happen.  Instead he had continued to be flaky and distant and weird.  He started to pretend to not be online the last two weeks.  I knew he was online as I could see him posting crap on Facebook and adding other NEW “friends”  –  People I am sure he has no clue as to who they really are.   Since VE decided to hide and play the quiet game I gave him his space.

In the past few weeks I tried to get him to find employment, but instead he “got sick”.  In the past few weeks I tried to tell him that he can’t keep living off his savings  as those would run out.  If you and your family are living in a house and with a life style that costs over $1000 more per month than your wife makes then you have make changes to that.  Instead he rather tell jokes.  “I saw a dead ghost on the sidewalk, but later I decided that it may have just been a handkerchief.”   At that point I ended the conversation.  Sorry, I don’t do fluff… Get real or get gone.

VE continued to pretend he was sick, but he was still posting away on Facebook and on rare occasions showing on Yahoo too.  Since he wanted fluff I didn’t feel like chatting I didn’t bother to send him messages either – and especially since he was blocking me from seeing he was on Facebook.

Today VE decided that he no longer wanted to be friends…  What ever fucktard…  Life goes on and I don’t like bi Polar and drama anyway.  Go get laid by your wife.  Surely that will fix whatever is fucked up in your life.  Lord knows that has helped you so much in the past two plus years!

VE also decided to delete himself from our “exercise” group which only had 3 members – him, Pat and me.  I guess he doesn’t need to exercise anymore because his wife enjoys sex on the bottom as a whale crushes her from the top!  What ever!!  He also decided to delete Pat from his friends list.  Hummm… can that be because she isn’t fluff either?  VE needs to start his own new Facebook group called “Fake Friends Only”

And to add to this day, Pat finally deleted her daughter from her Facebook friends too.  Enough shit is enough shit.  This lovely daughter of Pats has been drama for 2 years straight.  With a pregnancy, drinking under age and her two last boyfriends being over 30 when she was under 20 have been too much for Pat.  Since her daughter decided that she was the poor child – hard done by and none of the crap in the last few years was her fault Pat decided to finally delete her from her friends list until her daughter finds herself and gets real.  I pray that comes soon, but it isn’t looking good at this time as her daughter is shacked up with a 34 year old man that keeps her living there by feeding her alcohol.  Maybe once her daughter can finally legally buy alcohol she’ll get tired of being the live-in house keeper, step mom and sex toy then move home.   Other than free alcohol I don’t know what her daughter sees in this man.  He is so old and ugly.  He looks like he is well into his late 40’s or mid 50’s – rode hard and put away wet.  With his criminal record and his lack of career they are always short money.  They seem to have enough money for beer, but not food, shampoo, socks, tampons, etc.

You’d think that Pat’s daughter is either stupid or ugly, but neither of those two things are true.  Her daughter is very cute – with a great shape and nice red hair, very very pretty.  She graduated from High School and has always done well in school.   She has had a good example in Pat and her step Dad, Freddie bring her up.  She lived in a new house with Freddie – in a very nice area of town – not the slums of the city.

Pat’s daughter went from a nice family, nice house, money enough to pay bills and food, etc, and nice clothes and got her grade 12 diploma  to the shack out in the middle of nowhere, no money (other than for beer) no further education and living with an old man that can’t support her and his kids.  They have no internet, no ambition, and no accountability in their lives.  Her boyfriend treats his family like crap and is teaching Pat’s daughter to do the same.  Finally Pat decided to unfriend her daughter until her daughter can pull her head out of her @$$.  I hope that day comes quickly!

So, to all those faker friends and crappy family members… be warned… our “unfriend button” is hot!







Love and Friendships

Life is blessed when it is filled with love.  The love comes from your friends and family and on rare occasions it comes in the form of a random act of kindness from a perfect stranger that recognizes your need and offers a hand to improve your situation.  Gobs of money may make life easier, but it can’t fill your heart and life with love.  It is other people that make my life worth living.  I’ve always strived to do things for others, to be loved by others and to be accepted by others.   To me, there is no greater gift than that of LOVE.  And a life without LOVE isn’t worth living.    Thankfully for me, I have a huge heart and it is full of love and my life is full of people loving me back.

My best friends are all female, which sort of surprises me.  I often find it easier to get along with men, but my strongest, most sincere friendships are all with women.  My female friends can be honest, and they have a lot of strength.  They can handle REAL conversations and give and get advice without taking it personally.   They’ve often gone through the same thing as I am going through now or are going through something I’ve already gone through so we can have a “give and take” relationship when it comes to advice and life experiences.   They share their thoughts, feelings, and real life events with me without fear of judgment.

When people seek advice from me they know I’ll give my honest heartfelt advice.  They also know that there is no softness with me when it comes to advice.  I tell it how it is – like it or leave it.  There is no “fluff” about me.  If you need a kick in the @$$ then that is what I give.  My advice comes from experience and knowing people.   Time and time again I am thanked for my advice even if my friends (both male and female) didn’t like hearing it at the time that I gave it.  Often they return to tell me “you were right”.  Of course, that was something I already knew… HA!

Everyone everywhere needs a cheerleader.  That is the person that keeps you going when the times get tough.  They remind you that you are worthy and that the tough times will pass.  They encourage you to keep going and let you know that you are not crazy when all the rest of the world seems to think so.  They are brave enough to tell you when you are wrong and they continue to be your friend even if you have to agree to disagree some days.  My cheerleader is my best girlfriend, Pat.  She’s been here for me since my move to Texas back in 2002.  We’ve grown very close and I depend on her making me tough when I need to be tough and for her to tell me her point of view when I question my own sanity.  She “gets me”.  She knows what I am thinking and feeling because she’s been there too and she understands my points of view for the most part.  She reads my blog and comments to tell me I am not crazy!  Awe, how I love my cheerleader!!

My friend Cherie doesn’t read my blog or even know I have one!  But she is so solid in everything she does.  She is the super nice girl that wouldn’t hurt a flea.  She is extremely organized and fair and supports me in my scouting ventures.  She is a lot like me when it comes to rules.  She doesn’t bend or break them either.  She understands why we’ve changed troops so often.  Cherie reminds me to be loyal to who I am regardless of what others think.  She reminds me to do the right thing even though doing the right thing may not be the easiest thing to keep doing.  She reminds me that it doesn’t matter what others think as long as what I am doing is the right thing for me and my family.  She is all about fairness and treating others the way you want to be treated back.  She is extremely supportive and I am blessed to have her in my life.

Nadine is my long time net friend.  She is one of the few people that have come into my life and I have never met physically.  I met Nadine online back in 2000 on ICQ.  She and I shared some common interests.  She has seen me go through the toughest times in my life and her friendship never wavered even though she may not have liked some of my choices at that time.  Eventually she went through the same tough times as I did, and my hindsight was invaluable to her.  I knew what she was going through and I helped her with what she had to deal with.  I gave advice and warnings and through her own personal experience I think she finally came to understand some of the choices I had to make and she grew a new appreciation of me and my strength to make it through the tough times.

All of my friends hold a special place in my heart.  It takes a lot for a person to earn their way into my heart and, for the most part, those that have earned a piece of my heart hold that piece forever.  I treasure friendship and I do love my friends – more than they’ll ever know.  My friends’ lists are reserved only for FRIENDS.  I’ll never understand why someone would add 100’s of strangers to a “friends list” on any platform.  More puzzling to me is why those same people would treat their “faker friends” better than their real friends and family.  Why do those “friends” play mind games or fake drama to make excuses as to why they’ve been absent in your life or why they’ve been an @$$.  When a person begins to show me that they are playing games and not being honest I have to readjust my thinking of my friendship with that person.  At that point I normally let some of my heart go for that person so I have room for another person that is worthy of my time.

I really don’t have room for faker friends and it makes me feel like culling my friends list on occasion.  For example, every person on my facebook friends list I know personally.  I connect with them often.  There are only 40 of them.  (Yes, there is a decrease from the last count… as I narrowed the list to be even more personal than previously)   My heart is huge, but I certainly don’t think I could have 100’s of friends that take the time and care I put into each of my friendships.  And most people aren’t worthy of my time.  Why would anyone junk up a friends list with faker friends they’ll never want to get to know?  Why would you treat those same faker friends better than your real friends and family?  Having a TRUE friendship isn’t easy by any means.  It takes honesty, caring, thoughtfulness and time.  I would imagine that having faker friends take up some of that valuable time that you could have put into real friendships and time that you could have shared with your family instead.  The benefits of putting time into real relationships outweigh the benefit of being able to brag about the numbers on your faker friendship lists.

If you fail to nurture your friendships and family relationships then all may be lost.  Without real relationships, your life will become empty.  No faker friendship list will ever be able to fill the love and joy you’ll get from real friendships and family relationships.  Faker friends suck up your time – time you could have put into something real.  I tend to pour a lot of time into my friendships.  I don’t just add people to my friends list.  I get to know those people and I feel blessed to have them in my life. They’ve earned a spot in my friends list.

Of course, this is just my opinion.  If you have a list of HUNDREDS of “friends” feel free to tell me your side of the story.  How is it you can have personal connections with each of them?  Why would you want Hundreds of people to see your tweets, facebook posts and what not (with the exception of Affiliate marketing – for which I have an impersonal id)?  What are the benefits of having hundreds of people on your list that you don’t know and will never care to get to know?  What do you get from your massive “friends list” that I am missing out on- other than a drain of my time?

Inquiry minds would like to know…

A New Eagle Scout

Tonight (April 28, 2011) was my youngest sons Eagle Scout Board of Review.  Ah yes, the end of an era… Both of my sons have reached the highest level in Scouting and my Scouting days are numbered.  I am so proud of both of my Eagle Scout Sons!  This is a huge accomplishment for both of them as well as for the entire family that supported them in any way we could.

A huge thanks goes out to my friends as well, for all their time and effort and the shoulder they lent me to cry on throughout the trials and tribulations we encountered along the Scout Trail.



Sons First Job

My oldest son, who is just 17 finally landed his first job.  His desire to work impressed me and I am proud of the way he pursued his first job.  He is now employed by Schlotzsky’s Deli.

He heard that there may be job openings at this place so he went to get an application, filled it out, and returned it the next day.  The following week he went in to see if there were going to be any interviews.  A few days later he again followed up by asking for an interview.  The manager gave him an interview on the spot.  He was told to take the food handlers course so he did that as soon as he got home.  On the following Tuesday he returned for an orientation with his food handlers certificate in hand. Today was his first day at his new job and he is enjoying his employment.

The economy may not be good, but there are plenty of jobs out there for anyone that is willing to do anything.  It does take some effort, but if my 17 year old son can do it, so can others!

Congrats goes out to my son.  I am so proud of him!



Protected: Life Changes

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Approximately two months ago I looked up my old friend, VE, on facebook and I was drawn to add him as my friend.  The timing seemed right and after talking with him I quickly realized that it was most likely a push from God to step into his life.  I still believe that.  At that point in VE’s life he was extremely low and just sitting around waiting to die.  My coming into his life started to get him back on track and I do pray he stays on track.

I was able to get VE to visit his doctor, who then put him on blood pressure meds – which were much needed!  I don’t know how VE didn’t end up with a heart attack with such high blood pressure!   For the sake of his sons I am thankful that after much pushing on my part he finally went to his doctor to get some help.  I was finally able to get VE to go see a psychologist too.  Again this was much needed intervention to help him get better.  I hope he continues with those visits.  At the time of writing this VE has only visited his new psychologist once, but he is supposed to go back next week for the second visit.  VE said that he liked the doctor and that he thinks he can work with him.  That is a blessing – again for his sons’ sake!  With the help of my friend, Pat, we were able to motivate VE to get some exercise and the three of us had been keeping up very regularly for the past month and a half.  For the past two years VE hadn’t gotten much exercise of any kind at all!  He started off quite slow, (understandably ) but has quickly progressed and had been doing well with that too.  He really does need to lose weight.  The last weight he had told me he was at was 302 lbs.   Of course we all know that this is not a safe weight for anyone to be at.  Again, for his sons sake I pray he does continue with his exercise and lose some weight.

I thought that VE and I had grown very close to each other.  We were chatting all day most days and we talked about personal things.  We were very much in sync with each other.    At times he and I would type out the same thing.  I did enjoy my time with VE and I didn’t mind helping him with his issues.  I’ll miss chatting with him.

Ahhh…. So what changed?  To be honest, I really don’t know.  It happened suddenly.

On the day of VE’s psychologist visit he posted some disturbing things on his facebook page.  He posted two songs that were very “dark in nature”.  (one about a 45 gun and the other was about being lost or something similar)  He also posted some numbers (his current age, 55 and 70).  I had a suspicion as to what he meant by each of the numbers but I was not 100% positive until later.  I was NOT ok with these posts.  I had been talking with VE for quite some time and I thought I had shown him how deeply I did care about his well being.  I was upset that his own sons could read this sort of thing on their dads’ facebook page.  I care about his sons too and worry that this sort of thing is very abusive to them too.  What child should have to grow up in such a home?  So, I responded to his posts letting him know how I felt about him posting such things.  I am thankful he removed those posts!

VE then went to his new psychologist.   When he got home from that visit I was talking with him and I called him to see how the appointment went.  That night he seemed to just go cold.  He seemed bothered by my interest in his health care.  He didn’t want to discuss much and I told him that I’d be there for him when he wanted to talk, but I was not his FLUFF girl.  This really seemed to piss VE off.  I decided to let him have his time.   I thought that if he had a bit of time to think things out then he’d get over whatever it was that was making him cold toward me.

That night he sent me a text on my phone requesting I call him immediately.  I did call him immediately to find out what was wrong.  VE let me know that he was upset and worried about our friendship.  I assured VE that I was not mad but instead I was doing laundry, watching my Spurs and staying busy by doing my own thing.

I thought our friendship would go back to normal, but it didn’t.  From here the “weirdness” continued and escalated.  With each passing day I began to feel less comfortable in our friendship.  With each passing day I began to really question my friendship with him and if I had been any help at all or if I was starting to get in the way of him improving on his wellbeing.

That following week VE’s wife was on spring vacation and since VE seemed cold I thought I’d let him and his wife have time together without me taking any of VE’s time.  I was also bothered by her reading every word that I wrote.  This made me feel very weird and self conscious.  I felt like she thought I was saying or doing something wrong.  So, for the week of her spring break I didn’t correspond with VE much, which was good by me as his distance and coldness bothered me very much.

By that next Sunday VE had another breakdown.  He sent me an email asking me to talk.

Suject:  help

Body:  Hi

I need help. I don’t know what’s happening. I’m confused and going off in a hundred different directions. My behavior is erratic. My mind is racing. I’m getting scared. I don’t know what to do.


Immediately I stopped what I was doing to chat with VE on Yahoo.  As it turns out, in my opinion, he was crying wolf because he had been cold for that week and now was concerned if his coldness had pushed me away.  I reassured him our friendship was still ok. He also confessed to wallowing away in his pity party for one for the previous week. He didn’t think of any of the good in his life, just the ugly things of his past. Again, as per usual, I reminded him that if he wanted to have his pity party then he also had to take equal or greater time to also think of the good things in his life. He should make time to thank God for the good things in his life daily.

After that conversation I thought things would improve.  His wife was back to work for the next week.  But alas, his business like cold shoulder attitude continued and we barely spoke 30 lines to each other in the next week.  By the end of the week I had noticed that VE was on Facebook but he had me blocked from seeing him on-line.  He only had a few friends that could see him on-line and I was supposed to be one of them.  I felt rejected, odd, uncomfortable and bothered by the two bi polar episodes with VE.  I had a bi polar friend in the past and that turned out very bad.  Because of this I am very cautious of bi polar people.  That being said, I finally decided that if VE wanted to shut the door on our friendship except for when it was convenient for him and since this friendship now made me feel uncomfortable it was time to remove myself from the situation.

Alas, I’ve removed myself from VE’s life for now.  I hope he does get better.  I hope one day he realizes that his sons deserve a healthy dad.  They don’t deserve a dad that commits suicide or is flaky or absent in their lives as he has been for the past two years.  I hope he starts to cherish his wife and realize the gift he has in her.  I hope he doesn’t continue to take that for granted.  He needs to get healthy and get back into the game.  He needs to get a job and lose weight and manage his health. (Mentally, physically, emotionally and general well being) .  I hope that VE understands how deeply I do care for him and that I only want the best for him.  This means he needs to get healthy.  I hope me stepping back inspires him to stand on his own two feet and get a grip in life.

VE – I pray you get well soon!

Love always…


What’s In A Name

I remember when I first moved to Texas to be with my current husband.  Before we got married my mother in law to be asked me what my last name was.   I did not want to tell her my maiden name nor my married name at that time.  I had just gone through the divorce and I HATED my ex for all he had done to me in the past.  I also had issues with my mother and I didn’t want to be attached to that name either.  My response to her was to only go by my first name.  When she insisted I insisted back that I had no attachments to any prior name and if she had to use a last name for me then she should use her last name as my intent was to marry her son.

My sons have had very little attachment to their last name since they’ve felt abandoned by their biological father for several years now.  For several years they’ve also been asking to change their names to my last name.  Today I took a step closer to making that happen for them.  I filed a petition with the court here in Texas to have their names changed to the same last name as me and my current husband.  Tomorrow I need to find a process server to serve my ex husband AKA deadbeat dad so that I can have my day in court.  From all I have read, this should be an easy win for me.  I know the deadbeat dad will be angry, but I don’t know if he’ll be angry enough to try to stop this.  I did not use a lawyer this time.  The cost to have a lawyer represent us in court would be $2500 and at this time we just don’t have an extra $2500 to throw out.

My youngest son wrote the court a letter prior to my trip to Canada in March.  In that letter my son says “It is my personal belief that (Deadbeat Dad) brings shame to himself, his family, and the last name that I grudgingly share with him”.  I am thankful that we live in Texas and that it is possible to have a name change for my sons.  I know how they feel.  I felt the same in 2002 when I did not want to use any last names that I had used in the past.  I look forward to the day when my son won’t feel ashamed of his last name.

Again, I wish I could be the fly on the wall when the ex is served with the petition to change our sons names.  I know his little mind will be racing.  What will that mean for him?  At first he’ll be angry, followed by hopeful that this will get him out of child support.  He will contact his lawyer who will then tell him that he’ll still owe all child support.  A name change does not affect his financial obligations.   When he finds out that he is still financially responsible for our sons still I am sure he’ll return to being angry.

I hope all goes as smoothly as I am praying it does.  If my ex responds at all or, God forbid, shows up at court, this will be interesting.  Then again, he hasn’t cared to come here to see our sons so why would he come here just to stop a name change?

A Reason, a Season, or a Lifetime

Timing is everything. Sometimes when you seem to need someone in your life they just happen to show up. Over the years I’ve managed to make some really great friends. Although my friends are few in numbers they are huge in my heart and in my life. I’ve treasured them always – more than they’ll ever know.

My best friend, Pat, has always been here for me since the day I moved to Texas. She is incredibly strong willed and minded. He has taught me to do the same for myself. She’s forced me to stand up for myself when just sitting back and keeping quiet was the easy road to take. She’s offered a shoulder to cry on when needed and a laugh when that was what was called for. In turn I do the same for her. I listen to all the issues she has going on in her life and offer my advice where I can. She is my “chick flick” friend so we are able to get out of the house once in a while as girls and enjoy a good movie and a nice meal too. She has been a constant in my life in the past 8 years and I look forward to our friendship for many years to come.

I have felt blessed to have meant enough to TBIC that he looked me up on Facebook recently. I am thankful to have him back in my life as my friend. He has a good heart and he is very thoughtful. He often sends me morning emails to brighten my day. I try to do the same for him. I am glad that I’ve meant so much to him in the past. It reminds me of all the good I have done, all the good I have given and all the good I have to still give to others. I look forward to keeping in touch with him for years to come.

The other day I also looked up an old friend on Facebook. I had found him there more than once before as we have some friends of friends in common. I weighed my thoughts and emotions and finally took a chance at sending a friend request. He accepted – gladly!

I was inspired by both Pat and TBIC. Pat is my strong, brave friend that heads into things with the idea that she has nothing to lose. I know she would have added a friend too if she wanted to and not worry about what they’d think or say.  Me on the other hand, I struggled with this. I wondered if he’d still want to be friends after all the years that had passed. I knew he had moved on in his life with a family of his own. Would I be intruding on this? Then I thought of TBIC. He continued to search for me for years until he found me. He also had to think “what if?” He took the chance at sending a message to me on Facebook and I’ve been so thankful that he had.

And so, to my list of friends on Facebook, I added number 57 – my very good friend from high school – VE. I am thankful to have done so. I am glad to be here for him when he needs me. Since talking with him I realize that he really needed a good friend to chat with. I hope to be that friend. I’ve always thought of him as a very intelligent person. I’ve always enjoyed his wit. He is pretty quick with comebacks! I’ve always found him to be very reserved in the past. It is nice to see he has really matured and is very confident in what he says. I love his sense of humor. I’ve thought of him many times over the years. I’ve always wondered how life has worked out for him. And I’ve missed keeping in touch with him.

To all my friends, I hope that I can be “a reason” and “a lifetime” in their lives. I want to be there for them as much as I need them there for me at times. I want this to be something that we can always count on for the long run. However; if this just turns out to be “a season” then I am still glad to share this time with them too. But regardless of how long our time together lasts, they’ll always hold a special place in my heart.